I just got a call from Reuben Stoltzfus taking his first trip of the year 
around the Wildlife Drive. If you are up that way, pay particular attention to 
Benning Marsh, because that’s where he saw Greater Yellowlegs, Lesser 
Yellowlegs, and Dunlin. Also keep an eye out along the Wildlife Drive for 
Eurasian Wigeon, which others have seen recently, and Great Egret, which Mike 
Gullo saw on April first. 

Both Yellowlegss had previously been reported by Wade & Melissa Rowley at 
Carncross Rd’s flooded field near the Seneca River in the Town of Savannah, so 
that can be another good place to study. Previous to that, Janet Akin heard 
Greater Yellowlegs near the intersection of Gravel & Lay Rds in Tyre. 

I had thought that Dunlin was new for the Basin for the year, but - sorry, 
Reuben - I just noticed from my Seneca County daily eBird “needs” report that 
Dave Kennedy found a Dunlin yesterday at the intersection of NYS-89 & NYS-31 at 
the west end of the mucklands, another great shorebird location. 

Bring a scope if you have one, as shorebirds are small and often distant. 

The only other shorebirds I’m aware of in the Basin are Killdeer, which first 
showed up ridiculously early, and American Woodcock and Wilson’s Snipe which 
were found as expected in late February and early March respectively. 

Reuben is keeping an eye out for Pectoral Sandpiper, another expected early 

Another place I’ve had luck with shorebirds is the Guy Baldassarre marsh, by 
walking counter-clockwise around it and scoping inward while walking north 
along the east dike. Enjoy Shorebird Season!

- - Dave Nutter

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