Don't forget = tonight is the April meeting of the Cayuga Bird Club at the 
Cornell Lab of Ornithology.   Meena Haribal will present, "Following Alfred 
Russel Wallace in search of Birds of Paradise and Birdwings in West Papua and 
Indonesia" There are fourteen species of birds of paradise, including birds 
such as Vogelkop Superb Bird of Paradise found in West Papua and some of those 
found only on the tiny islands of Waigeo.   This is a narration of a trip to 
Indonesia in search of endemics, exotic insects and orangutans. Meena spent a 
few weeks in Indonesia traveling to several of the islands with the goal of 
observing,  photographing and recording the nature around her. About the 
Speaker: Meena is an ardent naturalist and traveler around the world in search 
of nature. Meena has been a  member of Cayuga Bird Club for almost 30 years and 
has shared many fascinating presentations about her travels.  
  There will be no speaker dinner this month - just meet at the Ornithology Lab 
at 7 for cookies & conversation and the "reading of the list" at 7:25 pm.
  Colleen Richards
Cayuga Bird ClubCorresponding Secretary  Cayuga Bird Club meetings are held on 
the second Monday of each month, September through June, and are free and open 
to the public. In-person meetings at the Lab of Ornithology start with cookies 
at 7:00pm,  the reading of the list at 7:25 and the business meeting at 7:30.  
This is followed by the speaker's presentation starting around 7:45pm and 
ending by 9pm. We will attempt to make presentations available virtually, 
either as a recording posted a few days later, or via a Zoom meeting. 

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