Calling all birders,

What better way is there to celebrate Earth Day than to engage with others
in fun bird conservation activities?

The Cayuga Bird Club conservation action committee is looking for
volunteers to come help us engage with youth and other members of the
public at two up-coming Earth Day events.

When: Friday April 21 and Saturday April 22 from about 10am to noon (it's
fine if you can only help with one day).
Where: meet at the pro shop of the Ithaca Newman Golf Course on Willow
Avenue, and walk in to Lighthouse Point Woods from there.
What: help by volunteering to assist with birding activities (talking about
bird, showing others birds, talking about bird ID, demonstrating use of
Merlin or eBird, etc.) or by supervising teams of folks working on our
habitat improvement project.

How do I learn about the habitat improvement project so I can understand
what it even means to supervise teams of youth and others?  Come to an
informational walk at the location mentioned above on Saturday morning
April 15th starting at 10am.

No hard labor involved, unless you really want to remove some privet.
Literally anyone can be a supervisor.

Please contact Jody Enck at if you want to volunteer or
if you need more information.


Jody W. Enck, PhD
Conservation Social Scientist, and
Founder of the Sister Bird Club Network


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