Sorry for the late post. Last Thursday, 4 May 2023, daughter Becky & I saw 2 
purple gallinules at MNWR in the first "pool" after the turn along the Thruway.
We spent that afternoon checking on osprey nests for Candace Cornell's project 
& found new ones down the west side of Cayuga Lake. The one reported near 
Buttonwood Winery on Rte. 89 is actually the Dean's Cove nest which I found 
first, according to my records, on 27 April 1999! The original occupied nest 
was atop the bare utility pole cross-arm. After NYSEG put a riser platform on 
the pole, the ospreys never again built a nest on it until the end of this 
April. We had been down that way on 1 May  & saw one of the birds carrying 
grass to line the nest. Whoopee!!  Finally.  On 4 May, both birds were on the 
We saw a VERY rare sight, on our travels ... a female pheasant. Becky also saw 
a big brown bat here at home. A calling male pheasant was again up behind our 
house on Sat. a.m..
Fritzie, in sunny Union Springs, NY

Fritzie BUnion Springs.NY

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