Jim Tanaka, a psychology researcher in Canada, asked if our members
could help with some cognitive research he's doing. Some of you may
remember an earlier research he asked us to do back in 2021. From that
first experiment he learned more about flaws of the survey design (too
complex and time consuming), and so this time is trying a simpler
experiment. See below for how to participate.




We need your help for a psychology study examining the visual
strategies of birders

We are psychologists from the University of Victoria, British
Columbia, Canada. We are conducting an international study examining
the visual perceptions of bird watchers. In our study, you will be
shown images of common species of birds and asked to judge their

Some key information about the study:

• Completely online, and conducted in the browser
• Approximately 30 minutes in length
• Study opens May 8th, 2023, and ends on July 1st, 2023.
• At the end of the study, three lucky participants will be awarded a
prize in a random lottery

Please help us understand the perceptual expertise of birding by
participating in this scientific project.
To participate in the study, please go to:


This research is conducted by Dr. Jim Tanaka (jtan...@uvic.ca),
Department of Psychology, University of Victoria, British Columbia,
Canada and approved by the Human Ethics Committee, Protocol #20-0520.



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