Yesterday morning, Carol and I were birding at Jetty Woods, near the area
where Trees Up Tompkins has been removing invasives and planting natives (a
more open area, near where the gravel access road enters the woods).  In
that area we heard a couple American Redstarts, a Black-and-white Warbler,
and several other species singing.  And Merlin was suggesting all that.  We
wanted to see the Black-and-white, because we'd only seen one other this
spring, so we spent a good amount of time looking for it.  This, however,
turned out to be a mistake.  We'd seen plenty of Redstarts, so we weren't
trying very hard to get a visual on those.  But when we got round to
spotting one, and watched it actually singing, we discovered that THAT was
our Black-and-white.  It was singing three different songs, in a sort of
rotation.  Two of them sounded to our ears like a Redstart, and one of them
sounded very much like the high-pitched squeaky wheel of a
Black-and-white.  And Merlin thought so too!

Live and learn...



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