There appears to be a resident Orchard Oriole along Lower Creek Road in the 
Town of Dryden, west of the Hamlet of Etna.

While biking to work on May 26 (Friday), I first heard an Orchard Oriole 
singing in a treetop over Fall Creek, on the south side of Lower Creek Road, at 
the first rise in the road as you head west toward Route 13 from the 
intersection with Pinckney Road. Simultaneously, a single Yellow-billed Cuckoo 
called on this day. Here is an eBird checklist I submitted for my entire trek 
into work by bike, with audio recording of the Orchard Oriole (and 
Yellow-billed Cuckoo in the background):

The Orchard Oriole was still present this morning, May 30, on our bike ride to 
work. I didn’t make a recording but Diane and I both heard it singing from the 
same location as described above. Here is today’s eBird checklist for my entire 
trek into work:

It is also likely that a Yellow-billed Cuckoo is resident at the above location 
as well. It was first detected on May 22, calling from the same area where the 
Orchard Oriole has been heard. The cuckoo was heard again on May 24 and May 26, 
all while biking past during my/our morning trek to work. Here are my 
YBCU-related checklists:,, and (same as the checklist with the Orchard 
Oriole noted in the first paragraph above). Heard entirely from the immediate 
creekside trees (both sides).

Chris T-H

Christopher T. Tessaglia-Hymes — Field Applications Engineer
K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
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