Wow, it seems starlings fledged this last week! I've been hearing them begging 
everywhere. I've been doing a weekly hour-long bird census at the Cornell 
compost facility on Stevenson Rd since they opened in, I think, 1999. (I've 
only been ebirding it since 2011 or so.) And this week was the first time this 
year it was filled with begging baby starlings! That noise was constant during 
the hour I was there looking for tagged crows. More starling fledglings calling 
all around this weekend. Cleary their breeding was highly synchronized to have 
so many of them out all at once.

So, apropos of the current discussion about costs and benefits of trying to 
clean up our energy use... I alone have submitted 668 checklists from the 
compost hotspot, mostly one-hour-long mostly-stationary censuses of crows, 
during which time I recorded all of the birds that I could detect. This easily 
covers the time when the fields above the compost were horse pasture into the 
current situation with a solar farm. Some creative person could surely do an 
analysis of breeding birds detected in the horse pasture days versus the 
current solar farm. It hasn't affected to crows so much, but definitely the 
wintering gulls do not like the change. Not sure about breeders. Not many birds 
breed in the middle of a horse pasture, although lots do around the sides.

In memory of our late departed birding friend, Bard Prentiss, Bird Hard!!



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