The nest site is not giving off any noticeable odor now. Hal Harrison wrote 
that careful concealment of the nest from predators was imperative, because of 
the strong odor that results from feeding carrion to the young. Perhaps 
“careful concealment” includes eating and defecating off-site during the 
incubation period to postpone detection as long as possible.

But is that the onset of the climate apocalypse that’s choking me this morning? 
The boreal forest is burning, and my nostrils are full of the smoke. Imagine 
the toll those fires are taking on nesting birds.


> On Jun 6, 2023, at 8:23 AM, Donna Lee Scott <> wrote:
>  You have a lot of predators down there, Geo. 
> So they are a threat to baby TVs. 
> I did notice that there was very little odor in the boathouse while the birds 
> were there, even tho baby Hissy did poop inside. 
> Maybe lack of odor will help hide the chick(s) from predators. 
> Here’s hoping. 


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