Hi all,

Shortly before noon today, I heard a very distinct and unfamiliar bird call in 
the yard here in Dryden (meadow with scattered shrubs and conifers).  Merlin 
didn't register anything initially, then I looked at my phone and saw Northern 
Bobwhite listed while I heard the call.  I resumed looking for the bird 
(unsuccessfully), then looked at the Merlin output again to find that Northern 
Bobwhite had disappeared entirely from the growing list of birds (all expected 
breeding species here).  The call continued, yet Merlin never registered it 
again.  I have no experience with this species, but the Northern Bobwhite sound 
recording on All About Birds matched what I heard beautifully.  I never did see 
the bird, although I didn't have much time to search.

I'd love to hear some thoughts.



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