In short, thanks to the effort of many, the 2023 found more pairs than ever 
before, rising from 1 in 2005 to 2 in 2014 to 16 in 2023. Many pairs showed 
courtship and mating, but their nests were never found. Any further information 
would be helpful. 
 2023. 16 pair in Tompkins County. 
Seven pair unknown fate. One pair failed.  Eight pair with oldernestlings or 
fledged young. 
1035 Highland Rd.  Nestabandoned.  Probably moved to Hanshaw x KlinewoodsRds.   
                                              A very late pair, called,mated, 
and established a nest about 900 m distant at Hanshaw and Klinewoods
Brandywineand Simsbury Drives. No known nest.
Pair seen frequently earlyin season near potential nest. Disappeared.


Monroe St. and vicinity, Dryden. No known nest.

                Pairseen early in season. Disappeared.


Jenning’s Pond. No known nest.

Pair seen mating,chasing crows early in season. Occasional report around 
Jennings Pond through20 June.


Myer’s Park. No known nest.

            Pair seenaround nest at park entrance early in season.


South Hill. No known nest

            Pairseen calling, mating early in season.


Craft Way, Brook Way, Brook Dr.  No known nest

Pair mating, calling.


Craft Way, Brook Way, Brook Dr.  No known nest

Pair mating, calling.
 Fledged, three young.
Freeville.Two young on nest as of 25 June.
Hanshawand Klinewood Rds. 25 June, Still incubating.

McLallaen and Washington Sts., Trumansburg.   Fledged,three young.


Sycamore Dr. x Pinewood Pl. Fledged at least two young.


The Parkway near elementary school. Fledged at least twoyoung, probably three.


Top Forty Rd.  Threeolder nestlings as of 25 June.

Valley View Rd. Three nestlings as of 25 June.
The data from many shows a still increasing population. The many pairs with 
unknown nesting efforts are a problem.


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