I will be leading a Cayuga Bird Club trip on Sunday, July 2nd to help confirm 
breeding birds in the BURDETT NW block that includes portions of the Finger 
Lakes National Forest, several wineries and brew pubs, and a view of Senece 
Lake (if the haze lifts). We will meet at the Cass Park Children's Garden at 
7.00 am to carpool. Please note the change in start time for this trip. Bring 
snacks and water. We will can either eat lunch over there or return to Ithaca 
for a late lunch.

Yesterday Josh Snodgrass and I spent the morning scouting the area and came up 
with an amazing total of 12 confirmed breeders including a pair of Blue-headed 
Vireos building a nest right over the trail, a Killdeer baby taking its first 
mad dash out of the nest scrape, Sapsucker babies calling from a cavity, and 
numerous adults feeding young. 

I see that Sunday’s forecast calls for thunderstorms. Past experience says that 
the actual conditions often turn out milder than predicted, so at this point I 
intend to show up at Cass Park ready to go. We will make a final decision there 
in the parking lot at 7 am.

Bob McGuire
bmcgu...@clarityconnect.com <mailto:bmcgu...@clarityconnect.com>


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