*Please share profile to my official mail id a...@net2source.com

*UI Developer*

*Alpharetta, GA*

*6 Months contract to hire*

*GC-EAD / GC/USC Required*

Someone with Angular 2 experience is IDEAL. Also comm skills are huge with
this team.

* Angular JS Experience
* Strong Javascript Skills
* Strong CSS (CSS3) skills
* Strong HTML (HTML5) skills
* Strong Communication Skills
* Creative and Energetic

* Independent self-starter (doesn¹t need lots of hand-holding)


* Grunt.js experience
* Bower experience
* Yoeman experience
* NodeJS Experience
* LESS (CSS ­ preprocessor) skills
* Eye for Great Design


*Amit Sharma Sr. Technical Recruiter Net2Source Inc., *
*Board: 201 479 3125 <201%20479%203125>, (201) 340 8700
<%28201%29%20340%208700> Ext.: 458 | Fax: (201) 221-8131
*Address: One Evertrust Plaza, Suite # 305, Jersey City, NJ - 07302 *
*Email: a...@net2source.com <a...@net2source.com>*

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