Python Developer

Mode: Phone and F2F

Location: NYC,NY

Need to be local to NYC (must be able to interview onsite) and have great
communication skills.

We’re a tight-knit team, passionate about designing and building exciting
software and we’re looking for a software developer to work with the team
in developing web services to help power a new and growing platform for a
next-generation audio experience.

We’re looking for:

·         1-3 years of experience in one or more of Java, Python, Ruby, Node

·         Experience with microservices architecture / SOA

·         Experience with distributed *NoSQL* data stores such as

·         Solid understanding of web technology - from  HTTP to caching to
RESTful interfaces and best practices

·         Solid grasp of a language such as Python, Java, Ruby or other
common web services language

Your responsibilities will include:

·         Work with application teams and stakeholders to determine and
design services needed to support a growing audio platform

·         Develop these services using the best technology for each

·         Design and develop the APIs for each service, working with
application teams and other services team members

·         Work with operations and QA to build in fault tolerance and high
availability for each service

·         Own the services you work on - maintain and respond to failures

·         Use best practices in the entire development lifecycle, including
test coverage, feature/bug fix branches, etc.

·         Stay current on any particular areas you may be involved in -
from machine learning to audio processing

Any of the following will help you excel:

·         Strong fluency in one of the common web services language

·         Experience with cloud environments - AWS particularly

·         Experience with machine learning - AWS ML, TensorFlow, spark
w/MLLib or Mahout

·         Digital audio processing for web/device consumption

·         experience with iOS/Android - though if you consider yourself
mainly a mobile application developer, we have other postings that may suit
you better!

·         Data mining / analytics

·         Distributed performance analysis

*Tanya Gupta |* *Technical Recruiter* | *Apetan Consulting LLC*

Tel: 201-620-9700 * 134 | Fax: 201-526-6869 |

*Mail *: 72 van reipen ave pmb#255, Jersey City, NJ 07306 |

*Corp. Office:*  15 Union Avenue,  office # 6,  Rutherford, New Jersey
07070 | |

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