*Job Title: Splunk Delivery Consultant *

*Location: Boston, MA*

*Duration: 2-3 Week contract (96 Hours)*

*Required Skills:*

•Install Splunk Enterprise (and configure one Searchhead and one indexer)

•Install Cisco Security Suite, Windows Infrastructure App, and Splunk App
for Unix and Linux

•Provide event monitoring for salesforce.com

•Provide Knowledge Transfer

•Services will be provided on a time and materials basis. Work will be
completed on a “best effort” basis

Confirm OS configuration aligns with Splunk standards and sizing
recommendations for the Searchhead and Indexer

•Install Splunk Enterprise and configure one Searchhead and one Indexer

•The following Apps will be installed and appropriate TA/data sources
configured within Splunk

o   Cisco Security Suite

o   Windows Infrastructure App

o   Splunk App for Unix and Linux

•Provide integration to salesforce.com

o   Define and implement appropriate data sources

o   Configure events

•Configure Deployment Server on the Searchhead to manage heavy forwarders
and universal

•forwarders monitoring the following data sources

o   Unix Syslog

o   Windows event logs

o   Apache/Tomcat web logs

•Configure two to three Heavy Forwarders (HF) on two to three remote sites
and perform knowledge transfer and monitor site cisco firewalls and switches

•Configure Universal forwarders (UF) on 5-10 windows hosts and 5-10 Linux
hosts to utilize heavy forwarder

•Monitor customer while they deploy additional UFs and HFs

•Main location and three remote sites as time permits

Configure dashboard(s) to customer specifications as time permits

•Review Splunk Back up & Recovery. Discussion of Best Practices & Guidance
(backing up Data logs, etc.)

•Provide Customer with a working Splunk server that can read the Customer's
syslog/application logs:

•Confirm existing server hardware and OS configuration aligns with Splunk
standards and sizing recommendations

•Install Splunk Enterprise on existing production servers

•Configure Splunk to read log data from Customer's existing network

Configure Splunk to query, analyze, display and report on the data

•All required Splunk configuration

•Work with Customer to design Splunk queries, reports and dashboards in
support of Customer needs

•Review Splunk Back up & Recovery

•Discussion of Best Practices & Guidance (backing up Data logs, etc.).

Thanks for your time and Consideration..!!!!

Thanks & Regards

*Ethan Hunt (Sr. Technical Recruiter)*

Agile Enterprise Solutions Inc.

Phone: 972-427-1834

E: ethan_h...@aesinc.us.com || Gtalk: ethan.catt...@gmail.com

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