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Job Title:                         Network Security Engineer

Location:                         Allentown, PA

Duration:                         6+ Months/Contract

*Interview: Phone and Skype*

*Need USC/GC Only*


   - Considerable knowledge of TCP/IP; Ethernet; Network cabling; Layer 2
   and layer 3 switching; the OSI Model; MPLS and Metro-Ethernet; VPN and SSL
   - Considerable knowledge of direct engineering and design experience in
   networking industry.
   - Considerable expertise in creating repeatable, reliable, scalable
   network architectures, with fault tolerance; performance tuning; monitoring
   - Expert working knowledge (including the ability to setup, configure,
   upgrade, manage, and troubleshoot) Cisco routers; switches; enterprise VPN
   - Understanding of transport protocols, routing protocols, and
   security/authentication protocols at all layers of the OSI model with
   emphasis on TCP/IP
   - Knowledge of networking features and protocols such as spanning tree,
   ARP, CDP, EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, VTP, Ether channel, 802.1Q trunking, MLS,
   - Demonstrated the ability to design, install, and troubleshoot
   local-area and wide-area enterprise networks.
   - Cisco CCNA/CCNP certification, JNCIA/JNCIS-SEC certification preferred.
   - Graduation from an accredited college/university or an equivalent
   combination of training and experience related to the duties of the
   position is required
   - Juniper hardware experience
   - Juniper SRX Firewall Configuration


*Umang Jain *

*um...@apetan.com <um...@apetan.com>*

*Apetan Consulting LLC*

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