*Please send me profiles at **um...@apetan.co <http://apetan.com>m*


Job Title:                         Sql Dba Manager

Location:                         Bowie MD

Duration:                         12 months

*Interview: Phone and Skype*

*Basic Qualifications: *

   - 12+ Years of IT experience.
   - 6+ years experience as a DBA Manager.
   - 6+ years of DBA experience.
   - 6-8 years SQL Server experience.
   - Experience with NoSQL databases i.e. MongoDB, Greenplum and/or
   - Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

*Responsibilities: *

   - Identify emerging Database technologies to be assimilated and
   integrated within IT organization.
   - Excellent troubleshooting skills in mission critical environment.
   - Provide complete database life cycle support for handful mission
   critical SQL Server Databases.
   - Interface with other central organizations to improve and implement
   database process, procedures and automation.
   - Lead Pro-active and reactive performance analysis, monitoring,
   troubleshooting and resolution of the issues.
   - Direct database capacity planning related to database growth and
   system utilization, trend analysis and predicting future database resource
   - Develop long-term database goals and strategy.
   - Training, managing and mentoring junior DBA team members.
   - Maintains database results by setting and enforcing standards and
   - Prepares for database expansion by studying plans and requirements;
   advising senior technical management; coordinating design and programming.
   - Keeps senior technical management informed by preparing reports on
   system performance and problems.
   - Manages team responsible for critical SQL Server databases.
   - Understanding of regulatory, legal and compliances issues for SOX and
   audit functions.

   - Knowledge and understanding of all aspects of database tuning:
   software configuration, memory usage, data access, data manipulation, SQL,
   and physical storage.
   - Must exhibit good time management skills, independent decision making
   capability; focus on customer service.

*Umang Jain | Sr. Technical Recruiter| Apetan Consulting LLC*

*Phone: 201-620-9700* ** 1**45** | *

*Mailing Address:* 72 Van Reipen Avenue pmb#255, Jersey City, NJ 07306

*Corp. Office:*  15 Union Avenue, office # 6, Rutherford, New Jersey 07070

*um...@apetan.com <um...@apetan.com> | Web link:  **www.apetan.com*

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