Hi Alex,

dpkg will tell you which package of cache you installed with your OS software installation tool. configure ; make ; make install is independent of that tool. You can check which version is being picked up in your PATH like so...

$ ccache --version

You can see where ccache is in your path like so...

$ which ccache

What you'll need to do in uninstalled ccache with dpkg, then do make install again. ccache --version should be the latest then. Keep in mind that you can have bother versions installed. One installed in /usr, the other installed in /usr/local. make install typically puts things in /usr/local unless you give configure a --prefix=/usr. You can set the PATH env var to pick up /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin. This would also work (but dpkg will only report whatever version it installed). Check ccache --version after doing this...

$ export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

Good luck.


On 8/6/10 7:55 AM, alex wallis wrote:
Hi list, My name is Alex.
I am a complete newbie when it comes to ccache, in fact although I have had it installed for some time, I actually didn't realise it had to be configured.

I also found out I am not running the latest version.
So my question is this, how exactly do I upgrade from ccache 2.4
to ccache 3.0.1?
the repositories I have in my ubuntu distro are still listing ccache 2.4 as the latest version. is there a repository that makes a precompiled binary of ccache 3.0.1 available?

I went to the ccache website, and downloaded the source.
I then extracted it, and input the following commands
make install

However, after doing the make install when I entered the command
dpkg -l ccache
the version is still listed as 2.4
so what else do I need to do in order to upgrade my ccache?

Later, I will probably have questions about configuring it to work with my compilers, but for now if anyone could please help with upgrading and tell me where I have gone wrong it would be very appreciated.
Many thanks,
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