On 2010-11-09 21:45, Björn JACKE wrote:
attached there are two git formated patches which make ccache also work on
Tru64 and AIX.

Thanks, applied.

As both of the machines where I hit that problems are in the build farm,
I'd suggest you also add some real life test in the build farm. For example:
build ccache, move the ccache binary away, make clean and redo the build using
the fresh compiled ccache again. That test would have uncovered this bugs with
malloc/calloc, too. What do you think about that?

I'm not even sure if ccache is used when compiling on the build farm...

The test suite is disabled for non-GCC builds since some of the tests
require GCC. If the test suite had been run on the Tru64 and AIX hosts,
the bug would have been found too, so I think what should be done (and
which I have planned but haven't done yet) is to fix so that the test
suite can be run for all compilers without false failures. It should be
a matter of doing compiler feature detection in the framework and then
making it possible to skip some tests depending on the feature detection
result. (Volunteers are welcome!)

-- Joel
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