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So, my question is, is the NAME of the compiler part of the hash as well
as the mtime/size, so that ccache won't consider the second one to be a
copy of the first?

Yes, the compiler name is included in the hash. As you note, this is not clear from the current documentation. I will add a clarification. Thanks!

Of course I can always resort to CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK='%compiler% -v'
which will tell me what I want to know (that these compilers are very
different).  But it would be nice to avoid that overhead if possible.

Yes, if it's enough for you to rely on the compiler name, then it should work to use CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK=mtime if the wrapper script changes each time a new compiler is installed. (But that will of course invalidate other compilers' cached results as well.)

I added the CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK='%compiler% -v' thing exactly for the wrapper script scenario, so if it's fast enough I think it would be the best setup. If the overhead is too high, then maybe you could write a fast helper program that knows how to print suitable compiler version information on stdout and then set CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK='helper_program %compiler%'.

Also if I DO go with CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK, is ONLY that output part of
the hash?  Or is the mtime/size for the compiler also part of the hash?

mtime/size is only hashed when CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK=mtime.

It would be nice for debugging/etc. if there was a way to see exactly
what elements are going into the hash for a given target.

That would indeed be very useful, and it's something I plan to add when implementing ability to select different hash algorithms.

-- Joel
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