On 5 June 2012 17:47, Blau, Eric <eric.b...@tekelec.com> wrote:
> [...] I'm seeing ccache do inappropriate replacements of absolute paths with
> relative paths. [...] This code is not considering if there is a "/./" in the
> absolute path, but is blindly replacing this with "..".

Right, that's a bug; the code is assuming too much of the input. Thanks for
reporting this!

> Would a patch be accepted for this problem if I fixed it?

Yes, a patch would certainly be welcome if you like to work on it.

> Any other suggestions?

My suggestion is that get_relative_path essentially should stay the same and
continue to assume that the paths are well-formed and canonical.
make_relative_path (the only caller of get_relative_path) should canonicalize
current_working_dir and path by calling realpath(3). Does this sound reasonble?

-- Joel
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