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> the attached patches modify ccache to also support Clang PCH in addition to


Regarding 0002-hash-clang-s-.pch-file-explicitly.patch: Why is the third
assignment of pch_file done outside the "if (stat(pchpath, &st) == 0)" block?
This means that pch_file and included_pch_file can be set even when there is no
.pch file, so remember_include_file will fail to stat the file and then turn
off the direct mode. The test suite also fails after the patch, but passes if
the pch_file assignment is moved into the block.

The patches look good otherwise.

> PS: Since I've noticed in the archives the recent mail about issues with
> ccache and warnings about unused arguments: The proper way to use ccache with
> Clang is to set CCACHE_CPP2, which not only avoids these warnings, but in
> general Clang works suboptimally if passed preprocessed output (warning/error
> messages quoting sources are affected, some warnings are not supressed in
> headers).

Do you have any idea about the performance impact of using CCACHE_CPP2 for

-- Joel
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