Hi all, again,

I've just posted about improving compile speed by caching compiler failures, and in the same vein I'd like to consider caching called-for-link compile tasks.

This is partly interesting for the many small autoconf tests, but is also increasingly interesting for real compilations, now that whole-program-optimization and link-time-optimization is more available in GCC. Even without all this link-time compilation activity, there are some link operations that simply take forever, mostly due to large file sizes.

Clearly there are some technical challenges in doing this: we'd have to hash all the object files and libraries (a la direct mode), but those problems are surmountable, I think. The linker does not use any libraries not listed with "gcc '-###' whatever".

I'm also aware that it's not that interesting for many incremental builds, where the final link will always be different, but my use case is accelerating rebuilds of projects that my have many outputs, most of which are likely to be unaffected by small code changes. It's also worth noting that incremental builds are not the target use case for ccache in general.

So, again, before I waste my time implementing this feature, are there any other fundamental gotchas that would prevent it ever working or ever being useful?

Has anybody else ever tried to do this? Is anybody trying to do it now?


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