Le 29/11/2013 14:08, Lubos Lunak a écrit :
On Friday 29 of November 2013, Lubos Lunak wrote:

  the attached patch adds ccache support for compiler color diagnostics
(also reported by somebody as #10075).
  I forgot one:

- The function color_output_possible() may look simplistic, but as far as I
can tell it works just fine (it's been in Incecream for a number of years).


I think you didn't understand GCC documentation correctly.

From the man page : "The default GCC_COLORS is ... Setting GCC_COLORS to the empty string disables colors."
GCC enable colors when GCC_COLORS is not set, and your code doesn't.

In fact you don't have to test GCC_COLORS at all : when it's an empty string (not unset !), colors are disabled , and adding -fdiagnostics-color doesn't change anything.
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