It's been an unusually long time since the last ccache release.

I've just upgraded to Ubuntu Utopic (beta) which ships gcc-4.9 with its
nice coloring support, and ccache-3.1.9 which is unable to leverage this
feature.  Fedora 21 is about to ship these versions, too.

Coloring support has been in ccache git for almost a year now.  I've just
simply compiled and installed it, overwriting Ubuntu's package, and it
works like a charm for me.

Distros are very likely to pick up new mainstream stable releases, but are
very unlikely to start cherrypicking from their git branch.

Could you please consider releasing a new stable ccache in the not too
distant future, like maybe in a month or two? It would be really cool if
the next release of distros (e.g. Ubuntu V V 15.04) shipped the coloring
feature out of the box.

Thanks a lot,
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