On 16 Aug 2015 13:39, Tom Lane wrote:
> $ grep extra_libs Makefile
> extra_libs = -lz
> ccache$(EXEEXT): $(ccache_objs) $(extra_libs)
>         $(CC) $(all_cflags) -o $@ $(ccache_objs) $(all_ldflags) $(extra_libs) 
> $(LIBS)
> test/main$(EXEEXT): $(base_objs) $(test_objs) $(extra_libs)
>         $(CC) $(all_cflags) -o $@ $(base_objs) $(test_objs) $(all_ldflags) 
> $(extra_libs) $(LIBS)
> and of course "-lz" isn't a valid dependency.

that's not really true.  make will expand it internally into paths like 

that said, there's no value anymore in putting -l flags into the deps list
and should just omit it from builds.

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