I added the option, at: https://github.com/jrosdahl/ccache/pull/74

ok, got it. I tested it on the small example and everything is now fine... I'll install this version for now until an official release...

And maybe how to use ccache with clang should be better documented ?
Maybe... can't tell... I found your page as soon as I googled for "clang
ccache"... :)
Actually it should work out-of-the-box now, including the coloring.
It's also part of the test scope now, on both OS X and Linux (ELF).
Hopefully that means it'll continue to work, thanks to Travis CI.
I meant in the ccache manual, but who reads those things anyway :-)

It was only recently that the clang tests were fixed (396df7e), so it
seems like most developers are using gcc - and thus that is assumed.
I think we will see more things like this with GCC 5 (and later) too,
so some extra lines about source-level warnings are probably needed...
We use also gcc and ICC, but clang is there to help us write better
code... and documentation now... almost... :)
For now, the best workaround here is the "run_second_cpp" config.
Done! :)
And you now (soon) have a "keep_comments_cpp" config to complement it!

Now, wonder if ccache actually compiles with -Weverything enabled ?
Nope - that seems to take a lot of effort. Only 187 errors remaining.

Doh! :) the quest for perfect code.... Maybe -Weverything should be renamed -perfect ? :)

Thanks a lot for the quick implementation! Hope it will be merged into the master for the next release...


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