I'm happy to announce ccache version 3.3.

Details may be read in the release notes:


Source archives are available here:


The source archives have been signed with my OpenPGP key (5594ADB8):


You can run "gpg --verify ccache-3.3.tar.*.asc" to check the source archive
integrity after download.


- A C99-compatible compiler is now required to build ccache.

New features and improvements:

- The configuration option "run_second_cpp" ("CCACHE_CPP2") now defaults
  to true. This improves ccache's out-of-the-box experience for
  compilers that can't compile their own preprocessed output with the
  same outcome as if they compiled the real source code directly, e.g.
  newer versions of GCC and Clang.

- The configuration option "hash_dir" ("CCACHE_HASHDIR") now defaults to

- Added a new "ignore_headers_in_manifest" configuration option, which
  specifies headers that should be ignored in the direct mode.

- Added a new "prefix_command_cpp" ("CCACHE_PREFIX_CPP") configuration
  option, which specifies one or several prefixes to add to the command
  line ccache uses when invoking the preprocessor.

- Added a new "limit_multiple" ("CCACHE_LIMIT_MULTIPLE") configuration
  option, which specifies how much of the cache to remove when cleaning.

- Added a new "keep_comments_cpp" ("CCACHE_COMMENTS") configuration
  option, which tells ccache not to discard the comments before hashing
  preprocessor output. This can be used to check documentation with

- Added a new sloppiness option "no_system_headers", which tells ccache
  not to include system headers in manifest files.

- Added a new statistics counter that tracks the number of performed
  cleanups due to the cache size being over the limit. The value is
  shown in the output of "ccache -s".

- Added support for relocating debug info directory using
  "-fdebug-prefix-map". This allows for cache hits even when "hash_dir"
  is used in combination with "base_dir".

- Added a new "cache hit rate" field to the output of "ccache -s".

- Added support for caching compilation of assembler code produced by
  e.g. "gcc -S file.c".

- Added support for cuda including the -optf/--options-file option.

- Added support for Fortran 77.

- Added support for multiple "-arch" options to produce "fat binaries".

- Multiple identical "-arch" arguments are now handled without bailing.

- The concatenated form of some long compiler options is now recognized,
  for example when using "-isystemPATH" instead of "-isystem PATH".

- If hard-linking is enabled and but fails (e.g. due to cross-device
  linking), ccache now falls back to copying instead of running the

- Made the "hash_dir" option only have effect when generating debug

- ccache now knows how to convert absolute paths to relative paths
  inside dependency files when using "base_dir".

- Improved parsing of "-g*" options.

- Made ccache understand "-Wp,-D*" options.

- ccache now understands the undocumented "-coverage" (only one dash)
  GCC option.

- Names of included files are no longer included in the hash of the
  compiler's preprocessed output. This leads to more potential cache
  hits when not using the direct mode.

- Increased buffer size used when reading file data. This improves
  performance slightly.

Bug fixes:

- Bail out on too hard compiler option "-P".

- Fixed clang test suite when running on Linux.

- Fixed build and test for MinGW32 and Windows.

-- Joel

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