ccache version 3.3.4 is now available.

Details may be read in the release notes:

Source archives are available here:

The source archives have been signed with my OpenPGP key (ID 5594ADB8,
fingerprint 5A93 9A71 A467 92CF 5786 6A51 996D DA07 5594 ADB8):

You can run "gpg --verify ccache-3.3.4.tar.*.asc" to check the source
archive integrity after download.


- Documented the different cache statistics counters.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a regression in ccache 3.3 related to potentially bad content of
  dependency files when compiling identical source code but with different
  source paths. This was only partially fixed in 3.3.2 and reverts the new
  "Names of included files are no longer included in the hash of the
  preprocessed output" feature in 3.3.

- Corrected statistics counter for -optf/--options-file failure.

- Fixed undefined behavior warnings in ccache found by -fsanitize=undefined.

-- Joel
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