Hi ccache!

We have earlier had some problems on testing on other *Unix* platforms,
like Solaris or FreeBSD. Mostly because none of us are running those...



We are also seeing some bugs that are "unique" to either Mac or Win,
but hard to reproduce with regular Clang or MinGW running on Linux.



Lately we had some discussion on this, with Joel explaining his view:

We could need some more ideas, on how to make this work better ?
Meanwhile, I've updated Clang and MinGW so that they work again.

I also added a Docker build to define the "basic platform" and
plan on extending this with clang and mingw (like in Travis)

Also updated some more of the "clang-analyzer" tests, and to the
new 64-bit versions of MinGW-w64 and Wine64 (instead of 32-bit).

But what would be the best option to keep the base project both
clean and portable ? And how to make it easier to test/contribute.

I think the current infrastructure with Travis, and now Docker, are
a good baseline, maybe we could add some Mac or Win in the cloud ?

I know that we have access to Appveyor (we tried to use it before),
and that the new "MSYS2" is looking promising (although is very slow)

http://www.msys2.org/ (uses Pacman, yeah!)

But are there any better options, or more people wanting to help out ?

My plan was to try to get the memcached and compression working instead.

(+ https://github.com/ccache/ccache/pull/104)

(+ https://github.com/ccache/ccache/pull/81)

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