Dear Ccache community,

I have an amd64 kaveri box with 8GB RAM and run Gentoo stable on it.

I have just installed ccache with 2GB memory allocated to it.

I have tried some repeat compilations to see if there would be any speed

So far I have not seen much change but I am not skilled enough to improve
things yet.

I tried compiling gcc, glibc and imagemagick but did not see much

My cache data looks like this:

djt /home/mikef # CCACHE_DIR="/var/tmp/ccache" ccache -s
cache directory                     /var/tmp/ccache
primary config                      /var/tmp/ccache/ccache.conf
secondary config      (readonly)    /etc/ccache.conf
cache hit (direct)                 12997
cache hit (preprocessed)             517
cache miss                         16291
called for link                     2141
called for preprocessing            1709
multiple source files                  4
compile failed                       197
preprocessor error                    62
bad compiler arguments                79
unsupported source language         2275
autoconf compile/link               1399
unsupported compiler option            8
no input file                       2617
files in cache                     44633
cache size                         891.9 MB
max cache size                       2.0 GB

Could you recommend a gentoo package that I could recompile twice that you
think is one that is ideally suited to benefit from ccache being installed?

Comments appreciated.


Michael Fothergill
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