Thanks, Joel!  I haven't had much time to look at this since my previous post, 
but I did discover that, for the first failing test (CCACHE_NOHASHDIR in base 
suite), forcing CCACHE_BASEDIR to a common parent dir for just that test 
cleared the error.  Still not sure if this is actually a problem with the test 
or due to some other peculiarity in my environment.  CCACHE_BASEDIR is already 
turned on for the other failing test, though; I will try looking at that one 
with CCACHE_DEBUG_HASH when I have some time.

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> Tried this with and without CCACHE_DIR set and exported - with it, I
> see the same output you showed, including the unset, and the test
> still fails: [...]


What's common between the two tests that fail for you is that you don't get a 
cache hit for a second compilation in another directory. One way to understand 
why is to log all data that is hashed by ccache in the two cases and see where 
it starts to differ. There is a crude way of doing that already: Build ccache 
with -DCCACHE_DEBUG_HASH and set CCACHE_DEBUG_HASH at runtime. Each ccache 
invocation will then create a ccache-debug-hash.bin that contains the hashed 
data, so you could compare the files in the two different directories. Or send 
them to me (private mail) and I'll have a look.

By the way, here's a sketch of a yet unimplemented feature what would make this 
kind of debugging easier:

-- Joel


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