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You can run “gpg --verify ccache-3.7.6.tar.*.asc” to check the source
archive integrity after download.

Bug fixes:

  - The opt-in “file_macro sloppiness” mode has been removed so that the input
    file path now is always included in the direct mode hash. This fixes a bug
    that could result in false cache hits in an edge case when “file_macro
    sloppiness” is enabled and several identical source files include a
    relative header file with the same name but in different directories.

  - Statistics files are no longer lost when the filesystem of the cache is

  - Bail out on too hard Clang option “-MJarg” (in addition to the previous
    bailout of “-MJ arg”).

  - Properly handle color diagnostics in the depend mode as well.

Contributors (in alphabetical order) to this release:

  - Joel Rosdahl
  - Luboš Luňák
  - Russell King
  - Thomas Otto


-- Joel

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