ccache version 3.7.8 is now available. Release archives are
available here:

Note: There are now 32 and 64 bit Windows binary releases available as well.

Bug fixes:

  - Use “$PWD” instead of the real CWD (current working directory) when
    checking for CWD in preprocessed output. This fixes a problem when “$PWD”
    includes a symlink part and the user has set “hash_dir = false”.

  - Rewrote the Windows version of the lockfile routines. This should mitigate
    several problems with the old implementation.

  - If “localtime_r” fails the epoch time is now logged instead of garbage.


  - Improved error message when a boolean environment variable has an invalid

  - Improved the regression fix in ccache 3.7.5 related to not passing
    compilation-only options to the preprocessor.

  - ccache’s PCH test suite now skips running the tests if it detects broken
    PCH compiler support.

  - Fixed unit test failure on Windows.

  - Fixed “stringop-truncation” build warning on Windows.

  - Improved “x_rename” implementation on Windows.

  - Improved removal of temporary file when rewriting absolute paths to
    relative in the dependency file.

  - Clarified “include_file_ctime sloppiness” in the Performance section in the

Contributors (in alphabetical order) to this release:

  - Cristian Adam
  - Joel Rosdahl
  - Steffen Dettmer


-- Joel

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