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> Just BTW, isn't it common to build in some $builddir different from top
> $srcdir (e.g. automake, cmake) and in that case couldn't the common case need
> two base directories?

Note that base_dir doesn't have to be the top source directory – it can be any
parent directory of the source and build directories, for instance /home. But
sure, it would make sense to be able to specify several base_dir directories,
for instance if you build in /top_level_1 and have the source code in
/top_level_2. (Using "base_dir = /" works as well but has the side effect of
making paths to system include files in /usr relative as well, which isn't

I could have sworn that there already exists an issue about implementing this
but I can't find it so it seems I've only thought about it without writing it

> This is again is a great idea. Will clean recover from corrupted caches,
> or should I add some script like "when each cache value is zero, clear it"?

"ccache -c" first recalculates the size counters and then trims the cache if
needed, so it should be fine.

> Thank you for your great support again!!

You're welcome!

-- Joel

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