On Thu, 3 Dec 2020 at 11:28, Steffen Dettmer wrote:
> Is upgrading to ccache 4 a "drop-in replacement" even if sharing the cache
> directory with still running ccache 3 versions?
> [...]
> Does it really make new versions a "plug-in replacement"?
> [...]
> So in short: I would not need to change anything at all. Just deploy it. Is 
> this correct?

Yes to all instances of the question.

> [...] even cleanup should work: it is backward compatible. If I understand
> correctly, this means as long as the new ccache version runs from time to
> time, it will cleanup both old and new files and avoid ccache directory grow
> (much) beyond max_size.

There is no difference in how cleanup works between old and new versions. In
other words, both new and old ccache versions will clean up files generated by
both new and old versions.

> [...] release notes tell that if ~/.ccache/ccache.conf exists, it will be
> used (release notes are not clear for me if only as fallack or in any case
> when it exists).


> Also CCACHE_CONFIGPATH could be set to point to it if needed, but it is not
> needed.

There is almost never a reason to set CCACHE_CONFIGPATH. Instead, just set
CCACHE_DIR to ~/.ccache if you want the old behavior.

>   $ grep -v '^#' ~/.ccache/ccache.conf
>   cache_dir=/...shared_local_path.../tmp/ccache

This won't have any effect. cache_dir only has an effect if set in the
secondary (system-wide read-only) configuration file (typically
/etc/ccache.conf) or in the environment variable form ($CCACHE_DIR).

>   hard_link=false

(This is already the default.)

> NB: Our reference system is "Devuan 2.0 ASCII", a Debian fork without
> SystemD.

Sorry to hear that (SCNR).

-- Joel

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