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On 07/02/2021 16:45, Sam Varshavchik via ccache wrote:
> In the interim I discovered a workaround that seems to work, for
> anyone who's also affected by this. Instead of setting CCACHE_PREFIX
> to distcc, I pointed CCACHE_PREFIX to this:
> #! /bin/sh
> unset MFLAGS ${!MAKE@}
> exec distcc "$@"
> This clears make variables from the environment and when the linker
> invokes make for ...whatever it needs to invoke it for, against a
> manufactured makefile it generates on the fly... it doesn't go look
> for the job server file descriptors, and go sideways.

Hmm, with the whole thread: Shouldn't better the linker (or whatever
tool) cleanup the environment variables before invoking `make` (or
whatever programs) to fix the - IMHO - core cause of the bug?

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