Ccache version 4.3 is now available. Release archives can be found here:

New features:

  - Ccache now ignores the Clang compiler option “-ivfsoverlay” and its
    argument if you opt in to “ivfsoverlay sloppiness”. This is useful if you
    use Xcode, which uses a virtual file system (VFS) for things like combining
    Objective-C and Swift code.

  - When using “-P” in combination with “-E”, ccache now reports this as
    “called for preprocessing” instead of “unsupported compiler option”.

  - Added support for “-specs file.specs” and “--specs file.specs” without an
    equal sign between the arguments.

Bug fixes:

  - "Split dwarf" code paths are now disabled when outputting to “/dev/null”.
    This avoids an attempt to delete “/dev/null.dwo”.

  - Made the “stat”/“lstat” wrapper function for Windows treat pending deletes
    as missing files.

  - Fixed a bug that made ccache process header files redundantly for some
    relative headers when using Clang.

  - The object path is now included in the input hash when using “-fprofile-
    arcs” (or “--coverage”) since the object file embeds a “.gcda” path based
    on the object file path.

Build improvements:

  - Added an “ENABLE_DOCUMENTATION” build option (default: true) that can be
    used to disable the build of documentation.

  - Fixed detection of pthread features.

  - Quote CMake variables expansions to avoid errors when
    expands to the empty string.

Contributors (in alphabetical order) to this release:

  - Bin Li
  - Joel Rosdahl
  - Josh Triplett
  - Nicholas Hutchinson
  - Olle Liljenzin
  - Peter Steinberger
  - Petr Štetiar
  - Yoshimasa Niwa


-- Joel

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