Ccache version 4.4.1 is now available. Release archives can be found here:

New features:

  - The secondary storage statistics section of “-s/--show-stats” is now shown
    only if it's non-empty or with two verbose options.

  - Added display of statistics counters for misses. Previously they were only
    implicit in the “hits + misses” sums.

Bug fixes:

  - Fixed spurious crashes when using the HTTP or Redis backend and the remote
    connection hung up.

  - Made sure to always store configuration origin value.

Build improvements:

  - The matching version of lld is now used for Clang.

  - The standard linker is now used if IPO (LTO) is enabled.

  - Disabled IPO (LTO) for MinGW toolchains since they seem to be generally

  - Fixed build errors with Clang on Windows.

Test improvements:

  - Fixed .incbin test with newer binutil versions.

  - Fixed basedir test suite failure when using a symlinked CWD.

  - Improved output of differing text files on failure.

Contributors (in alphabetical order) to this release:

  - Gregor Jasny
  - Joel Rosdahl
  - Orgad Shaneh


-- Joel

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