Hi Stefan,

On Tue, Sep 19, 2023, at 20:27, Stefan Constantin via ccache wrote:
> I would like to contribute some time/code to ccache if there are areas
> where help is needed.


> For example some time ago I added the smallest of features (expanding an
> env var in ccache's config) and the maintainer mentioned that it will do
> for the time being but he would like to eventually have a solution for all
> config keys, not just the one I needed.
> Is that something I could work on if no one else is doing it?

I later made that change in 3c7fa42f147f8323deed84a87f29db483b319de3[1].


> Is there a list of open urgent issues where it would be better to look?

There is no other list than the issues list in GitHub. You could perhaps have a
look at the "good first issue"[2] and "help wanted"[3] labels. There are no 
issues as far as I know. 


-- Joel

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