Hi David,

Thank you for taking the time to review these patches, especially for a platform that you don't have a strong stake in. I really appreciate it.

On 09/19/2016 10:48 PM, David Gibson wrote:
On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 06:51:57PM -0600, Kevin Locke wrote:
This patch series adds support for building configurator with Microsoft
Visual C++ and running it on Windows.  The motivation is to add
sufficient support for Windows to allow using header-only modules
with minimal hassle.  For me, this patch series is sufficient, so I
don't have any further plans for changes to other files or the build
system at the moment.

First, thanks for this.  ccan isn't supposed to be platform specific,
but it kind of is at the moment, simply because most of the
contributions have been from Linux developers.  I'm really happy to
see some work to make it useful on different platforms.

Second, because I'm not and have never been a Windows dev, my ability
to review these is limited - so I'm inclined to apply anything that
doesn't break builds on Linux / POSIX.

Third, because most of the main ccan contributors are not Windows
devs, I'm a bit worried about bitrot.  If you can think of any way of
making some kind of automated smoke test form builds on Windows, that
would be terrific.  Otherwise, I guess we'll just hope for the best.

I think that's a very legitimate concern. I'm not a frequent Windows developer myself, but had a need for a current project. I've tried to minimize the amount of Windows-specific code, with good results I think, but that's obviously not much of a guarantee that it won't rot or subtly break on Windows going forward.

I've seen appveyor.com used quite often for Windows CI, and it is free for FOSS projects. I'd be happy to work up some basic smoke tests if it seems like that might be useful and not too much of a maintenance burden. Let me know what you think.

Thanks again,
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