Hi, so I'd like to add the bitmap/tal submodule as discussed here:


but I'm not familiar enough with ccan dependency declarations yet :(

1. Should the dependency on tal be declared in bitmap/_info or in
bitmap/tal/_info?  The latter seems more natural, but for some reason
the final pull request on github shows the former.  I don't know if
that's something I did and Rusty didn't correct, or something that Rusty
did.  (I also don't quite understand github, ARGH!)

2. Does bitmap/tal need to declare dependency on bitmap, or is that
automatic?  Or maybe the other way?  I tried to look at other submodules
in the tree, but there are only a few and none that quite match the
relationship between this proposed pair.

Well, if I know these 2 things it should get me started.

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