I have purchased a 1760 router with PVDM-12 and CME.and FXS
Just so that I can play with it at home.
 I normally use Proctorslab.

Now I am trying to configure Transcoder,
But it will not work,

Accouring to the Cisco DOC, 1760 only support PVDM-256k-4,8,12..NOT PVDM2.
However, when I call from my FXS port to local CME phone it work fine with DSP farm showing trancording.
SPMM  DSPRM  State   Image     D-sig  D-sig     A-sig  A-sig  Mips Voice/Xcode
  Dsp   Dsp                  allocate   free  allocate   free  Free     Chan
  0/0     0      UP   FIXHC         0      0         2      0    50        1
  0/1     1      UP   FLEX6         0      6         0      0   100        0
  0/2     2      UP   FLEX6         0      6         0      0   100        0

So, Is the PVDM2 working on 1760?? or is not??

In any case, somehow I got it to register sdspfarm for CME, but now my FXZ phone stops working.
I guess I took the DSP resource away from FXS,
So I change sdspfarm max-session from 4 to 2 and reload the router, Now, mu FXS phone works but sdspfarm is no longer registered.

mtp-1 Device:mtp0014a8202e0f TCP socket:[-1]  UNREGISTERED
actual_stream:0 max_stream 0 IP:  0  Unknown 0 keepalive 0 

 max-mtps:1, max-streams:4, alloc-streams:0, act-streams::0

Can someone help????????????

/Jin Jung..

Cisco 1751 and Cisco 1760 Routers

Cisco 1751 and Cisco 1760 routers use the following PVDMs:

PVDM-256K-4 (1 DSP)

PVDM-256K-8 (2 DSPs)

PVDM-256K-12 (3 DSPs)

PVDM-256K-16HD (4 DSPs)

PVDM-256K-20HD (5 DSPs)

DSP Farms for NM-HDVs: Example

The following example sets up a DSP farm of 4 DSPs to handle up to 16 sessions (4 sessions per DSP) on a router with an IP address of and a priority of 1 among other servers.

voice-card 1
 dsp services dspfarm


sccp local FastEthernet 0/0


sccp ccm priority 1

dspfarm transcoder maximum sessions 16



 ip source-address port 2000

 sdspfarm units 4

 sdspfarm transcode sessions 40

 sdspfarm tag 1 mtp000a8eaca80

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