Hi kapil,

Thanks for your reply.

I put hq-mrgl(first pub unicast moh, second sub multicast moh) to 
hq-device-pool, and put hq-device-pool to HQ IP phone & HQ pstn gateway.

When the sub and pub moh server work at the same time, I found it play sub if 
the mgcp pstn gateway registers to sub and it play pub if the mgcp pstn gateway 
registers to pub. It has nothing to do with the regisration if there is olny 
one moh server.



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What's the MRGL on Gateway?

I can recall, the holder decides which file to play and the holdee decides from 
which server to take that file from.

So if your Gateway MRGL doesn't have access to Pub, it will always try to 
access MOH from Sub.

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Hi all,

I found something weird about MOH. I have a sub moh server for multicast and a 
pub for unicast.
I made a MRGL which put pub first and then sub, and bind it to HQ device pool. 
I sent moh inside HQ phones it choose unicast(pub) but when I sent moh to pstn 
it choose multicast(sub).
The sub is the primary CCM. What't the reason? I miss somewhere?




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