LAB 5 update
IPPM needs to be configured for one of the phones
One of the HQPhones need to be set up in softphone mode on the test pC
IPCC was full page
IPPA service needs to be configured and assigned to a couple of lines 3101 and 
Configure AAR for calls between SiteC and HQ
Need to create a SIP trunk to an IP and write a note!!!!
Trust me guys i was unable to remember it ... otherwise i would have shared 
it.. full lab..
If anyone got this lab we can work out and make full lab!!!
Or anyone has real labs i heard they also released full lab 5
Please guys i need to pass anyhow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i heard 
it is over everywhere!!!!!! means every location.
Please PM for the same.                                           
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