Have 1x 2921, 2x 2901, 3 x 2811 and 3750 and 4 port ethermodules, have 2
9971's, 4x 7975, and a couple 7962's. Even have 4 port ethermodules, frame
and using Adtran for PSTN simulation, so think I AM good there. I have a
topology I'll share if you want?
On Apr 7, 2014 7:37 AM, "Sears, Michael (msears)" <
michael.se...@compucom.com> wrote:

> Chris,
> With version 9.1.2-10000-28 or 9.x you have to use CUWL licensing not
> DLU's.
> Go to the following link: (you will need a CCO login)
> https://tools.cisco.com/SWIFT/LicensingUI/demoPage
> Communications Demo License Version 9.x and later and
> paste the content of the License Request from the Enterprise License
> Manager(ELM)/Cisco Prime License Manager into the empty box:
> This will get you a license good for 90 days for CUCM and CUC.  After
> burning servers CUCM and CUC and apply the license in ELM take a snapshot
> immediately so you can revert back like Abel suggests.
> Now a question for you.  What equipment, routers and switches are you
> using in your lab?
> Hope this helps :)
> Michael Sears, CCIE 38404
> "Designing and Implementing Cisco Unified Communications on Unified
> Computing Systems"
> ________________________________________________
> So was so happy to update my home CCIE Collaboration lab to 9.1 images to
> be current on the new lab, as I want to sit for this in the next 90 days:)
> Only thing is licensing has expired and I am guessing there is no longer
> enough trial DLU's to support even my lab phones, clients? Even with 8.6
> there were plenty to run the Voice lab, now with ELM it's killed services,
> thoughts?
> What is the best recommendation to or what have others with home labs been
> doing to keep your LAB Enviorment licensed without having to reinstall, as
> that takes FOREVER!
> Any help is appreciated...
> Chris
> _________________________________________________
> Export your config and return the VMware snapshot to the moment after the
> installation
> Abel
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