-       CSQ is same case in Application and RMCM

-       Skill level 5 on both agent and CSQ

-       Available CTI ports

-       Agent is ready(and stays ready)

It _will_ work.

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From: ccie_voice-boun...@onlinestudylist.com 
[mailto:ccie_voice-boun...@onlinestudylist.com] On Behalf Of Dharambir kumar 
Sent: 11. juni 2014 11:52
To: ccie_voice@onlinestudylist.com
Subject: [OSL | CCIE_Voice] UCCX agens not ringing

Hi All,

I have two agents both skill 5 assigned. both are ready state.
when i call trigger number it plays the welcome message and after that remains 
on Queue.it does not ring any one.
Cisco phone are logged in(Cisco extension 33xxx /IPCC extension 38xxx)
CAD is login and in ready state

Thanks in advance,
Appreciate your comments
 Dharambir Kumar

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