Greetings Amdo,

Not being aware of your lab topology I can tell what I believe you need.  You 
will require a connection for VMWare Management Client Connection, One for your 
headquarters site, one for your SB site, and one for the backbone site to 
effectively simulate the lab topology.

I would suggest you buy more NICS (I'm using 6) for your VMWare server if it 
has enough Cores, Disk Space and Memory to support 4xCUCM servers, 1xCUC 
Server, 2xIM&P Servers and 1 2008 R2 DNS Server and possibly 2-3 Windows 7 
desktops.  You will need four routers and 4 switches.  One router for your 
PSTN, One for Site B and one for Site C, and One for you headquarters site.  
One Switch for Headquarters and one switch for your Backbone.  In site B and 
site C you will need either internal switches or external switches.

If you plan on doing Video you will need Routers (29xx's) with PVDM3's and 9971 
phones or other video compatible phones.

Michael Sears, CCIE(V)#38404

   1. Accessing SB cluster using single browser (Amdo Ngawa)
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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 10:54:43 -0400
From: Amdo Ngawa <>
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Subject: [OSL | CCIE_Voice] Accessing SB cluster using single browser
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Hi Folks:

My Esxi server has two ethernet ports; one port connected to HQ and then other 
to SB.  I installed CUCM 9 on both clusters. My Esxi is configured with 
10.10.100.x and I can access HQ Publisher from my browser (windows 7).
Is it necessary to have a separate workstation to access the SB cluster or is 
there any way to access it from a single workstation?

Thank you and have a good one.

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