Overview: http://cclive.sourceforge.net/doc/other/cclive-ptnine.html
Latest  : http://sourceforge.net/projects/cclive/files/0.9/
WWW     : http://cclive.sourceforge.net/

v0.9.2  [2013-08-08]

Toni Gundogdu:
  [!] glibmm 2.24+ is now a prerequisite
  [!] Boost v1.49 is now required [86978ab]
  [!] --update-interval: now accepts only integers [6426f8f]
  - Add --timestamp: Try to preserve modification time (PORT) [50213d7]
  - Improve cc::input (complete rewrite) [81303f9]
  - Improve cc:options (complete rewrite) [314e722]

 28 files changed, 1434 insertions(+), 873 deletions(-)

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