Dear CCP4bbers,

My original query was; "I am trying to find a program that enables the user
to vary the pitch of the generated output model of dsDNA.
I have found several programs that generate a dsDNA .pdb file given an
input sequence (random in my case), and a web server that allows 'curvature'
analysis of the output DNA
However, I am unable to find a program that allows the pitch of the dsDNA to
be varied. I was wondering if such a program exists? And if so, where can it
be found?"

  Thank you for the prompt replies. I was able to generate B-DNA models of
varying pitch.
Two of the more versatile tools for manipulating nucleic acid structures

i)      NAMOT (suggested by William Scott, UCSC); download at<>

ii)     3DNA (suggested by Nicola Abrescia, Strubi, Oxford); download at<>

                                                     Balvinder Dhaliwal.
(Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Tx.)

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